Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Think your are protected from a Computer Virus - THINK AGAIN !

For those of you who think I'll never get a computer virus - THINK AGAIN !! !   We have a firewall on our modem and additional anti virus software on each of our computers.  Well, Lynda's computer became infected with a Trojan Horse Rootkit-Pakes.0 virus.

We have both spent the entire weekend as well as these past two days trying to get rid of it.  You think it's gone and back it comes again.  It is creating a mess.  Fortunately, all of our files are on the other computer so we are not dead in the water.  However, having been a two computer family for so long, it is trying for both of us.    Keep your fingers crossed that we don't have to wipe the drive clean and start over installing all our programs.  At least we have a good back up we can pull from. 

We're finished venting for now.  Will post more tomorrow. 

Lynda & Howard Lerner
Inn Caring

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