Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wine Tasting & Jazz in Southern California - South Pasadena

As an owner innkeeper or interim innkeeper - our current occupation,  there are moments when all the guests are checked in for the night and you say to yourself,  "let's go out for an hour or so".  Of course, before you go, you forward the phones to your cell phone - which you put on vibrate, leave notes (both inside and outside) letting guests know how to get hold of you, and take a copy of your reservation calender and keys with you.  Even though you are away from the inn, you never really leave the inn behind.

We wanted to stay in the neighborhood so we walked just a  few blocks from the Artists Inn  to a lovely Wine Shop - Wine Styles that has Jazz and Wine Tasting on Friday Evenings.  What a delightful time we had.  The wine tasting was very reasonable ( 3 wines for $5).  To top it off, you can get small appetizers or a yummy triple chocolate brownie topped with a caramel and raspberry sauce.  It all depends on the type of wine you are drinking.  The jazz was mellow as were the wines.  The Brownie was to die for.

We enjoyed our small time away, but after an hour or so, headed back to the bed and breakfast.   There were still reports to run and credit card charges to batch out, lights to be turned down, and dirty dishes from the guests who had eaten some of our Raspberry Chocolate Bars to be gathered.

Sleep will come quickly.  It seems that we no sooner put our heads down that the alarm clock is ringing and it starts all over again. 

Why do we do this ------   Because we love taking care of B&B's, love the guests - both returning and new, love cooking (Howard is the chef) and love being the ultimate concierge.

Come see us, we have lots of stories to tell.  If you think this is the lifestyle for you, look at our Bed & Breakfast training classes on our website.

Lynda & Howard Lerner
Inn Caring - (Currently on Assignment at the Artists Inn in South Pasadena, CA)

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