Monday, February 22, 2010

Breakfast Recipe For Late Risers - It's All In The Planning

Innkeepers, or their inn sitters, are generally early risers due to the nature of the bed and breakfast business. After all, one of the things that a guest expects is a good bed to sleep in and a tempting breakfast.  How long does it take to get breakfast ready?  For those who like to sleep as late as they can, I would say about an hour from when you hit the kitchen to food on the table for guests to eat.

How does the innkeeper manage to get it all done, and on the table, sometimes as early as 8am?  Planning!  Much can be done the day before, in preparation for the next days breakfast. All of the juices, in their containers, can be placed in the refrigerator ready to serve.  Condiments such as jellies and butter can be filled and in their containers (or single serving packets) and placed in the refrigerator, just waiting to be brought out. The table can be set and the coffee service stocked ready to go.  Coffee and water can be measured and in the coffee pot waiting for the innkeeper to push the start button or for the automatic timer to turn on.

All well and good, but what about the food portion of the meal?  This is when many innkeepers, when faced with a full house, will opt for an overnight egg dish.  These dishes are assembled the night before and covered in their baking dishes.  Usually, whether it be for a strata or French toast, there is a need for the entree to soak overnight so that the egg is absorbed into the bread.  All that the innkeeper needs to do is take the dish out of the refrigerator and put it in the oven to cook. While this dish is cooking, the fruit course can be prepared, bread can be sliced, and meats can cook on the top of the stove.

One thing that any organized innkeeper needs is a timer that has two or sometimes three settings.  This will help keep the innkeeper on track, especially if they are the only one doing all of the food preparation.  If you are a lucky innkeeper who has two ovens, you might even be able to make fresh cooked muffins.  All it takes is planning.

If you would like a copy of our Overnight Green Chili Strata Breakfast Recipe, let me know.

Lynda and Howard Lerner
Inn Caring

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