Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Can A Burned Out Innkeeper Do?

When you are burned out by the demands of your chosen innkeeping profession and feel overwhelmed by the many hats you are required to wear as a bed and breakfast or other lodging property owner or manager, let a professional Interim Innkeeper or Inn Sitter step in and give you some much needed rest. Renew that freshness you once had by allowing yourself the down-time you deserve, and require, to give a genuine welcome to your guests. How can you pamper your guests and give them a sense of peace and relaxation if you need that very thing yourself ?

Interim innkeepers or inn sitters will run your bed and breakfast or other lodging facility your way. Their mission is to ensure that your inn continues to operate at the same standard of excellence that you provide when you are there. You can feel comfortable leaving your property in the care of experienced, trustworthy professional interim innkeepers or innsitters.

These professionals will continue to answer your phone. They will be there to take that reservation for next month or maybe even next year. Why miss out on short term and long term revenue? There is no need to give that guest to your competition if you have hired an interim innkeeper or inn sitter to continue running your lodging operation.

Most Basic Daily Inn Sitting Fees Usually Include The Following
* Check-in and check-out of guests
* Making and confirming future reservations
* Concierge service for your guests
* Breakfast Preparation and service (including clean up)
* Limited outdoor services - sweeping porches, cleaning patio furniture, watering plants & lawns
* Credit card processing, deposits, etc.
* Innsitter Reports-activities presented to you upon your return

For innkeepers who have no outside housekeeping staff, or may require occasional housekeeping during staff days off, there may be an additional cost.

So, don't get to the point where you don't like what you are doing because you are so tired and overwhelmed. Plan to take that time off and it doesn't have to be only during your slow time of year. It actually is more cost effective to schedule your innkeeper time off when your bed and breakfast or other lodging property is busy. There is greater income being brought in to offset the cost of having an inn sitter running your operation.

If a short vacation will not do the trick and you need to sell your facility, this can take time.  Consider hiring an Interim Innkeeper to run your facility full time acting as the manager doing everything that you normally would do.  This will allow you the time to pursue other interests, or business opportunities, while still maintaining your operation in a normal manner until a buyer can be found. 

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Lynda and Howard Lerner
Inn Caring

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