Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gentle Summer Breezes in Ashland, Oregon

I never understood the words gentle summer evening until we came to Ashland, Oregon.  We are currently sitting out on the lawn of the B and B we are consulting to, listening to the owner play his guitar and singing to our guests.  We are all enjoying a glass of wine and some cheese, crackers and fruit.  The guests heads are bobbing and their feet are tapping keeping time to the music.

There is a gentle summer breeze as we sit under the shade of a giant weeping willow tree.  The geese are even cooperating tonight and are not making noise.  Their pond is behind where we are sitting.  We are on an old fashion guider chair, looking up at the mountains that surround the city.  Since we are at the top of a hill, we overlook some of the city.  Being on five acres, we are very much in a country atmosphere.  The butterflies and hummingbirds abound.

We are very much enjoying  our time here in Ashland.  We have hit the half way point of our consulting/innkeeping assignment at the Country Willows Bed and Breakfast Inn.  This is the longest that we have ever been away from our home base of Manitou Springs, CO.  Things are progressing nicely.  We have installed the new reservation system.  Thank heavens for RezOvation GT.  It has really made things easier.  Of course, having a new computer and then its replacement both have blue screens of death did challenge  us and the owner's son (who is an comp sci person).  We have gotten that resolved but thank heavens for back up manual books and hard copies of paperwork as we were without computer access for a day and a half.

One of the more unusual things for this B and B is the number of repeat returning guests which they have.  This is mostly due to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival her in Ashland.  We actually have had guests who have been coming to the B and B for over 20 years through all 4 sets of owners. 

Many of the guests book for the following year right before they leave.  We have some weekends where we already are fully booked a year in advance.  Some of the guests come year after year the same week each year and have become friends with others who also come at the same time.   It is fun to see them greet each other when they return and see familiar faces.

Lynda and Howard Lerner Inn Caring

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