Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poached Egg Pods - Innkeepers Friend

We came across this new product called Poach Pods at the bed and breakfast we currently are working at.  They may have been out for some time, but they are new to us.  They are a modern silicon egg cooking tool which you can use to cook poached eggs.  They actually float in about an inch and a half of water. 

All you do is bring your water to a boil in a sauce pan, crack your egg into a pod which has been sprayed with an aerosol pan coating and gently lower the pod into the boiling water which you have reduced to a simmer.  You cover and cook for 4 minutes.  Remove the pod with a slotted spoon and the eggs pop right out of the little cups onto the serving plate.

No more messy white floating in the water and uneven looking poached eggs.

They were a snap to make, easy clean up, and they looked great. 

We have added these little gems to our traveling cooking box which we take to all of our interim innkeeping assignments.  You can find them at most kitchen stores. 

Lynda and Howard Lerner Inn Caring

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