Sunday, October 10, 2010

20 Things Needed by an Innkeeper or Inn Sitter?

Individuals interested in our Aspiring Innkeeper or Interim Innkeeper (Inn Sitter) classes want to consider changing careers and becoming innkeepers who either own or take care of bed and breakfasts.  However, they sometimes will ask us if they have the "right stuff" to make that change. Here are some necessary character traits and abilities we feel are important for them to consider:

1.   Patience - lots of patience.
2.   Be willing to always have a smile on your face.
3.   Be flexible in reacting to people and situations.
4.   A sense of humor! You have to be able to laugh at yourself and at the circumstances no matter what may have happened.
5.   Generosity - you must share your space with strangers.
6.   Empathy - ability to listen to others.
7.   Ability to say no when necessary.
8.   Organizational skills.
9.   Be computer proficient.
10. Be able to follow through on projects you start.
11. Like to talk on the telephone.
12. A desire to work long hours - be up early and go to bed late.
13. Be able to cook and serve breakfast to people who may have a variety of dietary needs.
14. Desire to make sure that everything in the B&B is perfect and ready for guests when they arrive.
15. Enjoy being a concierge and tell the same stories or give directions over and over as well as share your knowledge of the surrounding area.
16. Be willing to clean rooms with a high standard of cleanliness and the ability to be meticulous on demand.
17. Ability to carve out a niche that is unique for you.
18. Ability to self-promote - You know best what works for your bed and breakfast or for you.
19. Willingness to not have a lot of private time or to have your private time interrupted by guests.
20. Be willing to sleep in quarters that aren't anything similar to what the guests will sleep in.

If the individuals have these abilities and traits, they most likely have the "Right Stuff" to succeed as Innkeepers or Inn Sitters (also called Interim Innkeepers).
Lynda and Howard Lerner
Inn Caring

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