Monday, January 9, 2012

An Innkeeper's Winter Garden To Do List

I know that I always look forward to Spring when I can again get into the garden and bring forth not only great looking flowers, but also herbs and other edibles that can be used in the bed and breakfast.  However, in the winter and in areas where plants usually go dormant,  there are still things that an innkeeper can do in their  garden.
  1. If it hasn't snowed in two or three weeks or if you haven't gotten rain, be sure to water plant beds.
  2. Replenish mulch in any areas where strong winds or animals have created bare spots to protect the plants and their roots that are wintering over.
  3. Make sure your tools are stored in a dry place out of natures way.  
  4. Clean all dirt from garden shovels, forks and trowels.  You can even rub the metal tool heads and wooden handles with linseed oil.
  5. Sharpen or replace any dull blades on pruning shears or loppers so that they are ready for when you need them come spring. 
  6. Review what worked in your garden and what you need to replace with something else. 
  7. If you have pots, empty out all of the used soil.  Scrub the pots clean and spray with diluted bleach water. Let them dry completely.  This way, they will be ready when you bring out the spring plants.
  8. For any weeds that pop up between pavers in a pathway, pour boiling water on the weeds.  Keep the kettle close to the ground so that you don't splash the hot water on yourself or nearby plants. 
Happy gardening -

Lynda and Howard Lerner
Inn Caring

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