Monday, September 24, 2012

There's More To Running An Inn than Just Making Breakfast

Doing some work on our blog I realized that this post from our 2010 Oregon assignment at the Country Willows Inn never made it out of it's draft form.  Somehow, the days (and years) just seemed to get away from me.   However, the subject matter is still valid. 

The weather was a lot different than what I expected.  However, the setting could not have been more wonderful.  We had many adventures with the various animals that were on the property.  One cat (Sammy was bashful so no picture), two goats (Cleopatra and Patches) , and four geese (I never was able to tell them apart) came with the property when the new owners Kara & Dan Burian bought the Bed and Breakfast.  It was our responsibility to feed them and let them out in the morning and put them away at night.  The guests enjoyed seeing them, but really didn't have any interaction with them.  .

So, all you potential interim innkeepers, yes, there are other duties besides just taking care of the Bed and Breakfast - there may be other animals that you will need to take care of in addition to your regular duties.   One day I  had to gather all of the eggs one of the geese had laid.  Unfortunately, be the time she let me near them they had started to turn rotten.  (not fertilized as the geese were all girls)

The time I loved best however, was my time in the Garden.  While I have had an herb garden before, this was the first time I really had a true vegetable garden as well.  We had tomatoes, squash, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, strawberries, apples, pears, cherries, plums, figs, and kiwi.  It was fun seeing just how much was produced and harvested.    The herbs, lettuces and edible flowers kept me very busy. Yes, this is another aspect of innkeeping in a country setting.   Though the cherries were wonderful, they did have to be picked almost daily as they ripened.   That goes for all of the other fruits and vegetables we grew.  However, the cherries were the most labor intensive.

We have developed a new recipe - a cherry filling for our breakfast crepes.  E-mail me if you would like a copy of the recipe. 

Lynda and Howard Lerner
Inn Caring

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