Thursday, November 21, 2013

Innkeeper Tip of the Day - Keeping Strawberries Fresh

Both my husband and I love strawberries as do so many of the guests we serve breakfast to on our Interim Innkeeping assignments.  If we try to buy strawberries in bulk we are faced with the prospect of how to keep them all fresh looking as the day that they were bought no matter what the season.

The solution is simple.  The strawberries must be stored in a tightly sealed container and then refrigerated.  I have been most successful in storing them in a flat Tupperware contain that I can "burp" the air out of.  I place the strawberries on top of a paper towel in the container stem side down.  I loosely cover the strawberries with another paper towel to catch any moisture which may collect on the underside lid of the container. 

I have stored strawberries this way for up to a week or two and they all remain fresh.  Most strawberries don't last any longer than that either in our house or at the B&B's we work at.  

Lynda Lerner
Inn Caring